When one thinks of the city Belfast, words as ‘grey’, ‘cold’ and ‘wet’ immediately come to mind. To be honest, some of these prejudices are correct. However, visiting this city, you will soon look through this and instead notice Belfast is a very lively, fascinating city with a lot to offer. For many years, the city suffered from “the Troubles”, the conflict between the Protestant part (English) and Catholic part (Irish) of the city. Since 1996, however, they have signed a peace agreement and there is no more conflict. For the past few years, the city has invested a lot in attracting foreign visitors to Belfast.

Black cab
When visiting Belfast, a black cab tour is a must! A taxi driver takes you to the English quarter (Shankill) and the Irish quarter (the Falls). The many murals remind you of the blood bath that has taken place here. Images of fighters, etc. can be found on many buildings in these quarters. Nowadays, these districts are still separated by a long peace wall of 21 kilometers long. Every night, the gates of the wall are locked to separate both districts from each other. The taxi driver will tell you his own personal memories of what has happened in Belfast, which definitely makes for an impressive story.

After the tour through these quarters, you’ll be dropped off at one of the local pubs for a pint. The oldest and most beautiful pub in Belfast is ‘The Crown’. This pub is still in its original condition, with carvings on the ceiling. Many authentic details have been preserved; for instance, the separate seats which are separated like compartments from the rest of the pub. Here, the women used to sit separately from other visitors. With any luck, you’ll meet a resident of Belfast at the bar, who will share his story about the “the Troubles” with you.

One of Belfast’s many investments is the construction of the modern Titanic museum, located at the historic site where the famous ship was once built. In a fascinating way, you will be taken through the history and feel the Titanic come alive again. You don’t want to miss this!

Explore Northern Ireland
In the mood to explore more than just the city? Head out, rent a car and discover Northern Ireland’s beautiful rugged coastline. The famous Giant’s Causeway is just a 1.5-hour drive from the capital. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Fan of the famous series Game of Thrones? The surroundings of Belfast were often used as set and inspiration for this series. To imagine yourself in the setting of the series, visit the Dark Hedges for example.

Belfast: diverse and exciting
For me, the visit to Belfast was like a party where you don’t actually want to go to but turns out to be the most fun. It’s a city that has inspired me and I will definitely come back for a second visit. There is so much more to discover in this fascinating city.

Are you inspired and would you like to discover Belfast yourself? My colleagues at the Oad Group & Incentive Travel department are happy to help you arrange your own trip!

Arjan Koster
Managing Director Oad Touroperating BV

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