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  • Visit the capital of the Netherlands

    Amsterdam, or as people from Amsterdam call the city: Mokum, the bustling capital of the Netherlands. A city full of……

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  • New York, New York

    New York… The Big Apple, the City that never sleeps! Not many cities have so many different nicknames or so……

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  • The Hague

    The Hague is the capital of South Holland and a city where various worlds come together. The Hague is a……

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  • Magical Iceland

    Oad not only provides bus tours, trips to far destinations by plane are also part of the offer. For you……

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  • Barcelona

    As Eduardo Mendoza described in his book, Barcelona is the city of wonders. It is an Olympic and football city,……

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  • Hamburg

    Hamburg is the second largest city of Germany. It owes its prosperity to the large harbour (the most important in……

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  • Paris, the bustling heart of France

    The bustling heart of France is undoubtedly Paris, with the Champs-Elysées as its lively atmosphere. Paris is a world on……

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When one thinks of the city Belfast, words as ‘grey’, ‘cold’ and ‘wet’ immediately come to mind. To be honest,……

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